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Boats, RV's, & Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance 

In the State of California you are required to carry a liability policy if you wish to operate a Motorcyle. Beyond the basic limits of the state requirement however, you may wish to insure yourself against losses due to accident, theft, vandalism, and other potential losses. 

What elements will go into the determination of your insurance premium cost:

  • As with all insurance, the more valuable the bike, the more expensive the insurance.

  • As with auto insurance the older you are the cheaper your rates will be.

  • If you have accidents or tickets, your rates will increase. All accidents and tickets count, even those you had in your automobile. The cleaner your driving record, the cheaper your insurance will be.

  • Where you are drive and park your bike will influence your rate. If you keep your bike parked on a construction site, you insurance may be increased due to the increased risk of damage to your bike.

  • What can you do to keep your bike more secure? If you can garage your bike, add an alarm, or use other state of the art security, you may receive discounts on your insurance.

  • If you only ride your bike once in a while during the summer for pleasure, check into getting a better rate for low mileage.

  • Taking special DMV or other motorcycle classes might help decrease you rate.

RV Insurance 

How Do I Make Sure I Have Adequate RV Insurance?

Many RV owners include their RV under their current auto policy. Others purchase a separate motorhome insurance policy. A Jaffe Insurance Professional can help you determine what and how much is covered under your current auto policy. You may find that your RV's coverage under your auto policy is not adequate for your needs. Your personal property is covered under their homeowners policy if you have one. However, your personal property is limited when the property is kept somewhere other than the "residence premises." The limit in your standard policy may be too low and the policy deduction that might seem appropriate for your household goods might seem to high for property in the RV or motorhome.

To insure proper and adequate coverage, you may want to add a separate RV insurance coverage to your current auto policy or you may want to use an insurance company that specializes in RV insurance coverage. The cost for RV property coverage is minimal, especially compared to the potential losses.

One type of coverage you may want to include would be full replacement cost up to $3,000 - From laptops and linens to attachments and accessories. With this type of policy your belongings are insured for what you paid for them or what they will cost to replace - not a depreciated amount.

What Kinds of Discounts are Available?

Depending on the carrier, there are a wide range of discount possibilities that can help lower your premium.


  • Storage Option allows you to only pay a percentage of the coverage when you are not on the road.

  • RVs and Autos on One Convenient Policy 

  • Homeowners Discounts

  • Safe Driver Discount

  • Anti-theft Deterrent Discounts

Am I covered in Mexico?

For those of us in the Southwest this is an important question with regard to Car, Motorcycle, and RV coverages. Please check with your Jaffe Insurance Professional if you are likely to use your vehicle in Mexico.

Determining the amount of RV insurance coverage you need means considering a number of factors.

  • Vehicle Type
    Larger recreational vehicles increase the potential of more damage to another vehicle so will increase your cost. Highly customized RVs can be more expense to repair. As with all vehicle insurance, the newer and more valuable the RV and the accessories, the more costly the insurance.
    Coverage Limits
    Lower coverage limits reduce your insurance costs. However, keep in mind whether you will have the ability or desire to pay for damages that go over your insurance coverage limits? If not, consider higher liability limits. Small additional payments now may save you much more in the future.
    The more risk you assume, the lower the policy cost. Therefore a higher deductible will lower your insurance costs. When you choose your deductible amount keep in mind the amount of money you would be comfortable paying out-of-pocket should there be an accident, theft, natural disaster, or other loss.
    Financed or Leased RV's and Motorhomes
    You may be required to carry minimum amounts of insurance coverages that protect you from having to pay the full cost of the vehicle should there be an accident. When the vehicle is paid off or close to being paid off, the lender may allow you to drop these coverages.

Boat Insurance

Why Do I Need a Boat Policy?

Here are some of the potential risks that you need to cover:

  • An accident, such as a collision with another boat, a swimmer, the dock or other stationary object. 

  • Sinking due to mechanical malfunction, storms, swamping.

  • Malicious mischief by vandels

  • Theft of the vehicle or property on the vehicle

  • Accidental fuel discharge

Most boat policies cover:

  • the hull

  • machinery

  • most on-board equipment

  • sails

  • furnishings

  • property

  • boat trailer for damages from an external cause

As with all insurance your policy costs will vary with cost of the boat and equipment, storage location, time of use, amount of coverages, and deductibles.

Please check with your Jaffe Insurance Professional for a comprehensive evaluation of your needs.

Call Your Jaffe Insurance Representative if you need to: 

  • Update your insurance coverage, deductibles or limits

  • Add or remove vehicles or drivers

  • Change your personal contact information and address

  • Get claims information

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